February 2017

Malaysia and The Ghost Bride

Ghosts! Romance! Spirit worlds! And…surprise dragons!

Enter the world of The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo.




Li Lan is the only daughter of a once prominent merchant family living in 19th century Malaysia. Though her family used to be considered one of the elite, they have recently fallen into a state of decline. So when Li Lan’s father is asked if his daughter would like to be the ghost bride for a wealthy local family’s deceased son, it is a tempting – if terrible – offer to consider. Li Lan shuns the proposal, but then begins experiencing strange dreams about the would-be bridegroom. Terrified, she turns to a local spirit medium for answers – only to wish she had never done so.

Swept into the bizarre realm of ghosts and demons, Li Lan must journey through the mirror world of the dead if she wishes to free herself from her suitor’s hauntings. But in doing so, she may lose her life essence and become trapped forever…

My Conclusion:

this is a fun book! I learned a lot about Chinese/Malaysian death beliefs. The ending dragged on a bit, but overall I thought it was a good book!

What have you read from Malaysia?



Bosnia-Herzegovina How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone

Meet Aleksandar: a young boy living in what is now known as Bosnia-Herzegovina with his family. His young life is peaceful to start – but then war breaks out, and he is forced to flee with his family to Germany.

How the soldier repairs the gramophone by Saša Stanišic follows Aleksandar as he grows up with the knowledge of the war and devastating ethnic cleansing taking place around him. As he grows up safe in Germany, away from the war, he is left wondering what happened to those he left behind. In particular, a beautiful young Muslim girl named Asija…


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