Imagine that, one night, you’re woken from a sound sleep by your phone ringing. You sleepily answer the phone, wanting to know what’s so important that they’re waking you up in the middle of the night. Then the person on the other end of the phone tells you congrats – you are now the king of a far off, distant land. And no, they’re not joking.

Sound like a fairy tale? Perhaps – but that’s exactly what happened to Peggielene Bartels one night after a long day of work as a UN secretary. Meet King Peggy!

After that jarring phone call, Peggy, an American citizen, flies to her old home in Ghana for her inauguration as the new King of Otuam, a small fishing village. Peggy had only ever visited relatives in Otuam, but was born and raised in the large city of Cape Coast, before immigrating to the United States. Peggy is determined to take her new role as King seriously – and won’t put up with any crap from the village elders.

I personally LOVE this book. Everything she does once she becomes king is basically what everyone says they would do if they were put in charge: stomp out corruption, stand up for the little guy, and work tirelessly to better the lives of everyone that depends on you. The world needs more Peggy Bartels. Otuam is a lucky, lucky village to be able to call her their King.