The more distance I get from reading this book, the more real it seems. That’s frightening, guys.

From the US’s friendly neighbor up north, Canada and The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood!

Set in the not-so-seemingly-distant future, this novel is set around a religious group known as God’s Gardeners. God’s Gardeners are like vegetarian hippies who don’t believe in mind-altering drugs, but they do believe in an unknown catastrophic event they call the Flood that will wipe out everyone on Earth – except for them, the believers, of course.

Which is a little weird, but they end up being kinda right.

The Flood arrives, and wipes out *almost* all life on Earth. A few people are accidentally left alive. The novel centers around two of these survivors: a woman named Ren, a one-time God’s Gardener now trapped in a sealed room in the sex club Scales and Tails; and Toby, a more hardcore God’s Gardener now trapped in a fancy schmancy day spa.

Will they reunite?!

This book is kind of like YA dystopia on drugs. And it’s awesome. But don’t call it scifi, because the author does NOT like that. Please read this book, and the rest in the series MaddAddam, and share them with your friends and bloggers!


What have you read from Canada? Or, alternatively, have you read any awesome dystopias (not necessarily scifi!) that you can’t wait to share?