Just in time for Hurricane Matthews, here’s a book from Jamaica!

(Seriously though, please be safe if you’re in the path of the hurricane. It looks NASTY.

The book of night women by Marlon James (who won the 2015 Man Booker Prize for his other book, A brief history of seven killings).

And no, “night women” is not in reference to prostitutes.

This book is set in Jamaica (obviously) in the 1800’s, when slavery was still legal. It follows the young slave girl Lilith as she grows up on a plantation with hundreds of other slaves. She is gifted with a “dark power” that makes all the other slaves afraid of her, which means not only is she a slave, but she can’t even make friends among her fellow slaves. Eventually, however, she is taken into confidence by a group of slave women who call themselves the Night Women – because they can only meet secretly at night – who are plotting a slave revolt, and need Lilith’s help to pull it off.

But DOES she end up helping?


I’ll let you guys find out on your own! This was a long book, but a really good one.

I will say that it did take a few pages to get into, simply because it’s written entirely in a Jamaican accent. As in, “Who you be, mon?” It took me a while, but then once I was finally used to it, I didn’t even notice it. But then all of a sudden a white person in the book would start talking, and I would have to totally re-read everything they said because it sounded so weird all of a sudden in my head! It was weird, but in a cool way. I mean, not many authors could pull off writing something so well that you hear EVERYTHING in your head like that.

What have you read from Jamaica?