Meet The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea by Yukio Mishima!

So, basically, you have this group of Lost Boys-ish kids who run around and cause havoc in 1960’s Japan.


One of these boys has a single mom, who meets a sailor. The boys all think this sailor is Badass, because sailors get to travel all over the world and are free from being tied down. So they REALLY like this sailor. But then the sailor decided to retire from sailing and get married to this kid’s mom, and that pisses. Them. Off.


This is a slightly older novel, but it’s by one of Japan’s most well-known authors. Seriously, Mishima led kind of a crazy life. He died by committing seppuku, which is when you gut yourself with your sword and then have a friend cut off your head.


So yeah. Interesting guy.

What have you read from Japan?