For Peru, we have:Death in the Andes by Mario Vargas Llosa!

This is definitely a book that I’d describe as a classic. It draws on a lot of classic, ancientĀ Greek mythology – specifically, the god of wine Dionysus and the cults that surrounded him, and the sun god Apollo. Which kind of makes it sound less South American, and more Greek or European…until you hear about the pishtacos.


Ahem. I give you, the pishtacos of Peru! They’re like vampires, except instead of drinking human blood, they drink human fat. Yummy!

Anyway, this book is half-mystery, half classical discussion on life versus death, party versus responsibility, with a good dose of political commentary on the state of Peru from 1980-2000 while it fought a deadly guerrilla war thrown in for funsies.

This book has LAYERS!


What have you read from Peru?