So, since I was so harsh on my book for Nicaragua (Infinity in the Palm of her Hand), I thought I’d follow up with something nice to say about my experience with Nicaraguan food.

Guys. This recipe is the shit.

I give you: Chorizo and Ripe Plantain Hash! I loved it, my husband loved it, my brother loved it when he came to visit, and it’s super easy. What more can you ask for?

Unlike some of the other recipes that I’ve tried out, this one didn’t have hard-to-find ingredients, which was nice. I’m willing to hunt a little for an ingredient or two here and there, but a few of the recipes that I’ve looked at I’m like “I think I’d have to actually live there to find that.” So. Those recipes were not chosen.

This recipe is highly recommended. Pro tip: when you buy your plantains, don’t buy the super hard ones 0.o I definitely thought mine would soften up in a couple days…not so much. And store them on your counter, not in the fridge.

This recipe has already become a staple in our house. Love it!

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