I thought I would take a brief break from talking about books today to talk about one of the other great loves of my life – food!

Cliché, I know.

But nevertheless, food is one of the things that brings people together, just like books. After I had started in on this reading project, I had the sudden epiphany that it might also be fun to cook something from every country, too!

Think about it. Usually, when you read a book, the food they’re eating gets mentioned, and often it’s important in setting a tone or overall theme. And if you have no idea what food they’re talking about, you miss all of that context.

For example, when I read my book for Australia, they kept talking about damper. I thought it was some kind of soup. Nope! Turns out it was a type of dry bread that keeps well, and is thus used often by travelers. In the book, that’s all they had to eat. Dry bread.

A bit different than soup every night, huh?

So, now that I’ve talked about my book for Colombia, The Dark Bride, I want to tell you all about the delicious Colombian soup I made as well.

You can find the recipe here . It is also available on the site in Spanish, if anyone needs that as well.

Most of the recipes I try are healthy dinner recipes, but I’ll probably end up trying some desserts as well 🙂 Check out my Pinterest @ProjLibrarian for more recipes from around the world! And if you try this recipe, let me know what you think!